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Oh Baby! Childbirth Education Series

We will take you through the how, when, and why for various labor and delivery situations including birth plans, comfort measures, medical and non-medical interventions, the labor process, and more. You'll feel confident and empowered about your baby's birth, regardless of the personal birth preference choices you and your family make!

3-9 hours, depending on class delivery choice.

Birth Preferences

You've heard of birth plans and this is our take on it. Only, we call it preferences since we also address those pesky situations that just might arise unexpectedly. Leave the class knowing what your options are and how to structure and organize a birth preferences form for your provider.

1 hour.

Nursing & Postpartum

This class discusses how to hand express and use a breast pump, and positions for nursing. It will also go over everything you ever wanted to know about the postpartum period, and even stuff you were maybe hoping to remain blissfully unaware of. What is normal, when should you call your provider, what can you do to prepare for the common stressors after baby is here, and more!

2 hours.


Learn how to comfortably, safely, and easily wear your baby and how to integrate these practices into your daily life so that you can still use two hands. Also great for dads to help bonding time with baby! We can help with any wrap or carrier you already have, or make suggestions for which ones would work best for what your goals are.

1 hour.

Comfort Measures Class

This class is great for expectant parents and their partners! Taught by one of our doulas to give you optimal stretches, positions, moves, and techniques to help find comfort during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and in the postpartum period.

3 hours.


This class is designed for those who have had a prior cesarean surgery and wish to get more information regarding their potential options for trial of labor after cesarean (TOLAC) and a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). It will discuss what factors potentially make someone a good or poor candidate for TOLAC/VBAC, how to find a supportive provider, and other aspects of this birthing option. 

3 hours.

Babies & Bubbly Postpartum Group

Let your kids run around, sit and commiserate in your yoga pants or loungewear with other parents, all while sipping mimosas and discussing the challenges and joys of parenting. 

**Non-alcoholic beverages also served.

REACH Community Support Group

The REACH Community is a free group in the Central Texas area that provides support and resources families regarding both cesarean and VBAC birth rights and options. Meetings are held at the Blooming Tree Maternity & Wellness Center. Light refreshments are provided and children are welcome. Each meeting, a different topic will be the basis for discussion. Occasionally, we will have guest speakers, including VBAC supportive providers from the area, or special events.

Breaking the Silence: Support for Postpartum Mood Disorders

Break the silence and stigma surrounding postpartum mood disorders and find solidarity and support with others who are experiencing or have made it through the same. This group meets monthly.

Upcoming Classes, Groups, and Events

Breaking the Silence: Support for Postpartum Mood Disorders

Meets monthly. Pre-registration is required.

**This class is NOT open to partners due to the sensitive nature.

Birth Preferences Q&A

Meets monthly. Pre-registration is required.

Babies & Bubbly Postpartum Group

Meets monthly. Pre-registration is required.

**Please be sure to RSVP to any classes or groups you plan to attend, as space is limited.
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