I'm Not Your Mama

In our society, and especially in our line of work, we often hear women and clients referred to as "mama" by others.

"I have a mama wondering about...."

"Hey there, mamas!"

"Does any mama know..."

...and on and on and on.

It's common place that as soon as a person becomes pregnant or births another human being, their entire individual identity is compacted, boxed, and wrapped with a frilly domestic bow labeled mama.

We don't know about you, but we are more than mothers. We are business owners, singers, designers, coaches, wives, friends, daughters and granddaughters, nieces.....individual people! Being a mother is an amazingly wonderful and HUGE part of our lives, but it isn't all of it. We each have hopes and dreams and inspirations. And we know that you do too so we won't box you into a limiting category.

Not to mention, that we understand that the term "mother" or "mama" or any variation is often female gender derived and not all of our clients identify as such.

So our promise to you is that Blooming Tree Maternity will never call you mama. We will recognize your entire being and acknowledge your full strength, power, and achievements!

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